Teach at the Museum Art School

The VBMA’s Museum Art School seeks proposals from artists and art educators to lead online and onsite classes for adults in the following areas: modern and contemporary art history (special consideration will be given to courses focusing on folk art XIX to the present), art appreciation, portrait drawing, mixed media, collage, watercolor painting, acrylic, oil painting, and textile arts.

Instructions and Special Notes

1.This Request for Proposals opens on April 5, 2021, and closes on April 19, 2021, at 11:59 p.m. Proposals will not be accepted at a later time.
2. We will consider proposals for subjects and mediums other than the outlined above. However, priority will be given to those requested.
3. All proposed courses must be easily translated into an online format.
4. Candidates may choose to propose a ten-week, five-week, or two back-to-back five-week courses.
5. Candidates may submit more than one proposal.
6. Candidates must complete the form below.
7. Submitting a proposal does not guarantee a teaching position at the VBMA’s Museum Art School.
8. Candidates whose proposals are accepted will receive a notification via phone and email.
9. Accepted candidates must respond within a week.

This Request For Proposal is open to artists and art educators who:

a. Have a BFA or professional certification in visual arts, fine arts or art education.
b. Have experience in teaching adults.
c. If teaching online, instructors must have access to a stable high-speed Internet connection and a quiet working environment.
d. If teaching onsite, instructors and students must comply with all museum safety protocols.
e. Must offer classes in English.
f. Faculty status is contingent on clearance of a level 1 background check and adherence to all standards, policies, and procedures as defined in the Faculty and Guest Instructor Manual and/or through any official VBMA communication.
g. VBMA Museum Art School Faculty receives a base compensation of $23.50 an hour for every contact hour.

Class Proposals

  • Please note that courses split in two sessions require separate registration.
  • Classes must be delivered once a week. Please select one option.
  • Please select one.
  • Please select one. Please keep in mind that onsite instructors are required to arrive at the school thirty minutes before each session begins, and that they must stay at the school thirty minutes after each session. Time will be compensated accordingly.
  • Please list the skills that your students should be able to demonstrate upon completing the course that you are offering.
  • Please describe the topics covered at each weekly session. Make sure to include a detailed list of materials that you will need to teach the course as well as the materials that the students will need to successfully complete the course.
  • If your file exceeds the indicated size please drop the link to the syllabus file here.
  • If you are applying to teach online, please upload a short (6 minutes max) video that serves as a sample lesson. Please record this video in the same location from which you plan to teach. If you are unable to record at the same location from which you will be teaching, please indicate in the comments section. Please clearly state: your name and the title of the course. This video may be posted on our website or our social media platforms for promotional purposes.
  • Please include any comments that we must consider in the process of evaluating your proposal.