The Annual Fund


Your gift to the Annual Fund directly supports VBMA’s ongoing operations, exhibitions, programs, and more. Your generosity helps our Museum continue to be a place of inspiration, innovation, and excellence. The letter below is written by Jane Askren, who has a rich history with our Museum.  As a beneficiary of our Museum and its countless opportunities, Jane shares her inspirational journey of why VBMA matters to our community.


Dear Valued Member,

Art museums have impacted my life and have helped guide many of my decisions. The first was when my husband suggested visiting the art museum on one of our first dates, unaware that it was one of my favorite places in Kansas City. That shared interest helped start our relationship on the perfect note. The second time was 21 years ago when he considered accepting a job offer in Vero Beach. At that time, we were living in Seattle with our two young daughters, and I was hesitant to leave a city that offered so many cultural and outdoor activities. On our visit to Vero Beach, I was charmed by the friendliness of its residents and by its beach. To my surprise, it was a visit to the Vero Beach Museum of Art (VBMA) that sealed the deal!

The VBMA continued to be part of our lives as one year led to another. Our daughters loved attending Summer Art Camp during school breaks, and they had just as much fun volunteering when they were in high school. To this day, they enjoy seeing our Museum’s new exhibits when they return home and seek out art galleries as a point of interest wherever they travel.

As a kindergarten teacher in Vero, one of my fondest memories is taking my class to see the Museum. The majority of the students never before had the opportunity to visit. The delight on their faces, curious questions, and genuine interest in art made our Museum visit a yearly highlight.

After retirement, I explored opportunities to volunteer at the Museum. The Art Zone appealed to me because it allowed me to interact with children. Now, as the facilitator of Museum Stories, I enjoy seeing parents, grandparents, and caregivers accompany children during this educational and fun program.

“Do you want to go look at some art?” A simple question I overheard a mother ask her youngster. Those few words made me smile because they say so much more. To me, it means we have parents who are exposing their children to a fantastic world of art and, at the same time, history and culture.

My point in sharing my memories is to show how art can influence one’s entire life. VBMA makes art accessible for so many people. It is such an important and, I believe, necessary resource in our community that needs your support. I hope you will join me in making a gift to the VBMA Annual Fund so that our children and grandchildren will continue to have all of the same opportunities in the future.  Thank you!

Jane Askren
Museum Stories Facilitator

P.S.  As a valued VBMA member, your Annual Fund gift will increase your impact by helping us to continue to offer art experiences to thousands of individuals of all ages, many of whom might not otherwise have access.