Board of Trustees

Executive Committee

Emily Sherwood, Chair of the Board
James C. Penrose, Vice Chair, Governance Chair
Robert E. Drury, Jr., Treasurer, Finance Chair
Harvey J. Struthers, Jr., Secretary

Board Members

Victoria Aspbury, Nominating Sub-Committee Chair
A.Charles Baillie
Samuel L. Bailey, Jr.
Leslie Bergstrom
Gary M. Brost, Facilities Chair
Katherine (Kay) B. Desai
Molly Butler Hart, Endowment Trust Board Chair
Michael Hoben
Madeline R. Long, Donor Advancement Chair
G. Constance McGlynn
Andrew W. Nickle
Constance T. Patterson
Thomas L. Piper III
Charles R. (Dick) Shoemate
Matilde Sorensen
Tracy A. Sorzano
Charlotte Stifel
Georgia E. Welles, Collection Chair