January 28, 2022

6pm Cocktails
7pm Dinner
Cocktail Attire

Please join us for a celebration of art and music, both of which energize our minds and touch our souls.  On the evening of the Gala, the Vero Beach Museum of Art will present an early preview of the exclusive exhibition Vero Collects: Hidden Treasures Revealed, an elite collection of privately owned art from collectors right here in Vero Beach! We’ll also celebrate the amazing master artists of music and dance that have shaped our country over the decades.

You can purchase leadership tickets or a VIP leadership package by clicking on the link below. Proceeds from the event will help the Museum continue to offer outstanding artistic and educational programs.

Janet Tribus
Xaque Gruber



Vicki Aspbury
Barbara Baldwin
Deborah Berghorst
Susan Bouma
Mary Ellen Brophy
Laura Buck
Wendy Carey
Carol Coxhead
Dorothy Currie
Sherry Ann Dayton
Liz Farnsworth
Ellen Ferro
Karen Fox
Laura Frick

Rennie Gibb
Kathryn Graham
Molly Butler Hart
Rosemary Haverland
Ann Jones
Linda Kastory
Karen Loeffler
Madeline Long
Susan McCord
Connie McGlynn
Robin Metz
Pinky Regan
Sandy Rolf
Cindy Rounsavall

(list in formation)

Virginia Schwerin
Emily Sherwood
Nancy Shoemate
Lucy Shurlett
Charlotte Stifel
Carolyn Stutt
Dhuanne Tansill
Patricia Thompson
Roberta Titelman
Deborah Weise
Georgia Welles
Beth Werwaiss
Michele Witt
Mary Wright