VBMA membership cards are digital!

VBMA membership cards are digital! No more worrying about remembering your card or digging into your wallet – your card will always be with you on your phone. When you visit the Museum simply pull up your card in the app and our Visitor Services Representative will scan the bar code in a touchless procedure. In addition to being more convenient and facilitating contactless entry, digital cards are environmentally friendly. We hope you are excited and will get your digital card today!

Digital Membership Card Benefits

  • Get your Digital Membership Cards on your smartphone as soon as you join –  no need to wait for the mail.
  • eMembership Card is smart. Know when your Renewal Date is approaching.
  • Your renewal date is automatically updated on your card when you renew.
  • All your Member Benefits are easily viewed and you can view benefits of all membership levels.
  • Reciprocal Membership to visit other Museums and access to the participating museums
  • Receive special member-only notifications through your card
  • Have direct access to Museum information such as FAQs and the VBMA website

Download your VBMA digital membership card using the steps below (images for most steps are on the page):

  1. Download the eMembership Card App from Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  1. If you are in Vero Beach, allow the App to know your location to bring the Vero Beach Museum of Art tile up or search with the magnifying glass for “Vero.” Allow notifications to learn about our coming events and other important notifications.
  1. Select the Vero Beach Museum of Art tile and touch “Find My Membership Cards.”
  1. Enter your membership ID and your last name. Your membership ID can be found on your membership card or you can call the Museum’s membership department (772) 231-0707 ext 123.

Once you have downloaded your card you can use the app to view all the valuable benefits your membership provides as well as events coming soon, FAQs, and reciprocal membership programs available for Benefactor and above members.

If you do not have a phone that can run the App, please note that you do not need a membership card to visit the VBMA or get your member benefits. Any official photo ID, such as a driver’s license, can be shown at the front desk and our member service representative will look up your membership. A membership card may be necessary for Benefactor and above members that wish to use their reciprocal privileges at other museums.

Steps for setting up and using the eMembership Card App

Google Play or iPhone App Store Icon

Find eMembership Card


Find Membership Cards

Type in Last Name and Membership ID

Download Card

Your Digital Membership Card

Look your Benefits, Benefits of all levels and Reciprocal Benefits

Benefit Listing

Notifications of Upcoming Activities

eMembership Icon to open App