Holidays at the Museum

Sunday, December 5 | 1pm-4pm


Pick up take-home art kits designed to get you into the creative spirit of the holiday season. Each art kit includes reproductions of an artwork from the American Perspectives exhibition, some guided looking questions, and art supplies to make your own related artwork.

Take home 4 Art Kits in one bag!

Art Kit: Stop and Look
Supplies include: looking guide, craft roll, air dry clay, paint, paint brush

Art Kit: Decorate the Everyday
Supplies include: soup lids, stickers and jewels, glitter glue pen, ribbon, winter figurine

Art Kit: Celebrate Families
Supplies include: canvas board, paint, paint brush

Art Kit: ‘Tis the Season for Evergreen
Supplies include: terrarium globe, rocks, succulent plant, animal figurine