Museum Studios

Museum Studios

Last Saturday of the Month

Themed, docent-led mini tours of the VBMA’s exhibitions and a connected art project in the Museum Art School studios.

*Drop-in between 10am and 1pm; no registration required.




Tap into some creative energy with the VBMA this Saturday. Since we can’t be with you for Museum Studios this weekend, we offer this activity about “Seeing the World Around You with New Eyes.” For March Museum Studios, we take Michael Craig-Martin’s Untitled (sunglasses) as our inspiration.

As you look at this painting ask yourself these questions:
– Who wears sunglasses? Why do people wear sunglasses?
– Would you wear these sunglasses? If you could look through these sunglasses what objects would you see? What colors would you see?
– If you were going to make a painting of one thing that you see every day, what would it be?

Michael Craig-Martin thought that “access to everything important is right in front of your nose.” Sometimes we need special tools to see what is in front of us, like sunglasses, binoculars or telescopes.

Let’s play “I Spy” and make some tools for seeing everyday things in a new way. Find supplies in your house: toilet paper rolls, paper cups, tape, markers and paint, to create your own binoculars or telescope. Use your new tools to see things in a whole new way in your home or yard! Keep the fun going, and draw what you see in your binoculars.

Let us know what you think of this activity and share your artwork on social media. Tag us with #VBMA.

Michael Craig-Martin. Untitled (sunglasses). 2018. Acrylic on canvas