Holidays at the Museum

Sunday, December 6 | 11am-2pm


Pick up take-home art kits designed to get you into the creative spirit of the holiday season. Each art kit includes reproductions of an artwork from the VBMA permanent collection, some guided looking questions, and art supplies to make your own related artwork. 

Art Kit 1: Let it Snow!

The delicate colors and geometry of Sol LeWitt’s combination of lines and colors look a bit like snowflakes. There are many, many variations of snowflakes; each one is slightly different. Make your own version of a multi-colored snowflake with paper, colored pencils and a spirograph ruler.

Art Kit 2: Wrapped Up in Razzle Dazzle

Carol Brown Goldberg’s painting looks a bit like sparking and glittering wrapping paper used during the holiday season. Be inspired to decorate your own holiday gift bag with stamps, stickers and glitter glue pens. Brighten up the holidays for your friends and family!

Art Kit 3: Festival of Lights

Use your imagination and Ellsworth Kelly’s colorful grid of squares might look like the flashing twinkle of holiday lights. Make your own colorful artwork with paint pots, paintbrush, ruler and canvas.