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The Circle is a giving circle inaugurated in 2009 as an important initiative to help assure that educational art programs will continue to touch and enrich people in our extended community.

The group believes that the Museum’s Community Impact programs are not just leisure distractions or luxuries. For many, they offer a window into a different, better world… choices for how to see and to be. Since its inception, The Circle has awarded $359,667 to Museum education programs.

2019-20 Steering Committee Members

2019-20 Steering Committee Members Pictured, l-r: Eileen Connelly; Cathy Cronin; Marilyn Bosland; Chair Cindy Binder; Co-Chair Becky Torbin; Susie Kintner; Pam Larrick; Jan Calfee

What is a “giving circle?”

  • A giving circle is a group of individuals who come together to learn about and fund an area of common interest
  • Characterized by their independent spirit and collaborative operations
  • Formed to magnify the impact of individual philanthropy

Who can join?

  • The Circle is open to anyone committed to assuring that visual art educational opportunities are available to all ages throughout Indian River County, regardless of any economic barriers that might exist

Why join The Circle?

  • Experience greater impact by combining your gift with the gifts of others
  • Collaborating with others who share your interests and priorities
  • Learn collectively about the Museum’s Community Impact programs
  • Witness The Circle’s valuable public presence while remaining private if you wish

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