James Balog, Survivors: Brown Pelican, color photographic print, framed 32 in x 32 in, Courtesy of the artist.

Environmental Photography

January 24, 2014 – May 24, 2015

Environmental Photography is an exhibition of color images by important contemporary photographers who focus on climate change, industrial pollution, endangered wildlife, soil conservation, and other environmental issues. Photographic artists such as James Balog, Brooke Singer, Kael Alford, and Richard Misrach will be represented in the show. James Balog is well known for his portraits of endangered animals such as the Florida Panther, as well as his Extreme Ice Survey (EIS) images, while Richard Misrach has uncovered environmental problems in Louisiana’s “Cancer Alley” associated with the petrochemical industry. Kael Alford has also worked in Louisiana, but has concentrated on the erosion of low-lying lands at “da bottom of da boot,” near the Gulf of Mexico. Brooke Singer has documented Superfund sites situated throughout the United States, from Clermont, Florida, to San Francisco, California. As a whole, Environmental Photography shows how concerned artists have used the art of photography to inquire into the concept of “development,” the misuse of natural resources, and the history of environmental degradation.