Anne Boudreau, Desert Os, Galvanized steel wire, cotton seine twine, acrylic paint, linen fabric, cotton thread, 19 x 16 x 13 in, 15 x 13 x 10 in, Courtesy of the artist.

Embracing Space & Color: Art On & Off the Wall

February 20 – June 7, 2015

Robert Rauschenberg once described his working method as “a collaboration with materials.” By creating works of art that literally combined the qualities of painting and sculpture, he permanently altered the definitions of both. Today, artists feel free to operate in the “gap between art and life” that Rauschenberg famously staked out as his territory. Utilizing a blend of traditional and non-traditional media and materials, from textiles and everyday objects to pigment on various kinds of fiber, the artists represented in Embracing Space and Color create sculptural works of art that incorporate elements of painting, especially in their use of color, but are not confined to two dimensions. Among the artists whose works of art will be mounted on the walls and ceiling of the Holmes gallery are El Anatsui, Devorah Sperber, Anne Boudreau, Ralph Helmick, and Olga de Amaral.

Click HERE to view a time lapse video video of the installation of New World Map by El Anatsui!