In Autumn Dance  © Kamil Nureev

May 26-September 16, 2018, Holmes Gallery

This exhibition will feature approximately fifty photographs of celestial spectacle chosen from entries to the photography competition Astronomy Photographer of the Year. Each year since 2009 the Royal Observatory in London has invited entries in categories such as aurorae, galaxies, moon, sun, people and space, planets, comets and asteroids, skyscapes, and stars and nebulae. In 2017, a judging panel comprised of curators, astronomers, and artists chose from 3,800 entries taken by astrophotographers in 91 countries, providing a truly worldwide selection in each category. Each year has showcased exciting new discoveries; for instance, this year the judges received images of Uranus and asteroids for the first time. Visitors to the exhibition will see images such as Mercury crossing the sun in Lancashire, UK, the Aurora Borealis reflected on the sea in Iceland, and a starry sky over the glacier ‘White Stones’ in Argentina.