June 3 – Circles

Circles are everywhere: the sun, a cup, cereal, eyes. Inspired by all the circles in Alexander Calder’s Untitled print (1970), Museum Stories is all about circles and dots. Check out the fun books and songs we found to help you recreate Museum Stories in your home.

Image credit: Alexander Calder. Untitled (circles and pyramids), 1970. Serigraph on paper

Book: Put Me In the Zoo by Robert Lopshire
Song: Red Rubber Ball by The Cyrckle

Book: Dot by Patricia Intriago
Song: Come and Make a Circle by Susan Salidor

Book: Sing and Dance in Your Polka-Dot Pants by Eric Litwin
Song: Ring around the Rosie

Some of the stories can be found on YouTube. Songs can be found on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube.

Color and count with the coloring page based on Alexander Calder’s Untitled print.

Get ahead with Kindergarten readiness: practice shapes, numbers, colors, following directions, and fine motor skills.

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Download the coloring sheet above