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International Lecture Series 2022

Join us for the 40th anniversary season of the Treasure Coast’s most celebrated arts and humanities lecture series. This lecture series is presented in conjunction with the exhibition Vero Collects: Hidden Treasures Revealed. The featured speakers will provide audiences with multiple perspectives to help frame the themes of the exhibition. Attendees may join our guest speakers for a glass of wine immediately following the lecture in the Laura and Bill Buck Atrium.

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Presenting Sponsor: Harry and Virginia Van Wormer Lecture Fund

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Patron Sponsors: Susan L. Bouma, Carolyn and William Stutt Endowment for the International Lecture Series

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Monday, January 24, 2022 | 4:30pm | Culture of Collecting: Charles I and the Beginning of British Royal Collections
Desmond Shawe-Taylor
Former Surveyor of the Queen’s Pictures

Rubens, Titian, Raphael, van Dyck. King Charles I of England amassed one of the world’s greatest art collections in the seventeenth century. Before his execution in 1649, he assembled a treasure trove of over 2,000 paintings and sculptures. Desmond Shawe-Taylor discusses the genesis of the British Royal collection and its occasionally tumultuous history. Shawe-Taylor served as the Surveyor of the Queen’s Pictures for fifteen years, a position that originated in the court of England’s first powerhouse collector Charles I.

Desmond Shawe-Taylor

Karole Vail

Monday, February 28, 2022* | 4:30pm | The Life and Legacy of Peggy Guggenheim
Karole P.B. Vail
Director of the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice and Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation Director for Italy
*Date is subject to change.

Karole P.B. Vail presents a lecture on the incomparable Peggy Guggenheim, and her role and influence as a collector and patron of the arts. Peggy Guggenheim built one of the great collections of modern art, including works by Constantin Brancusi, Max Ernst, Alberto Giacometti, Grace Hartigan, Vasily Kandinsky, Joan Miró, Piet Mondrian, Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock, and Gino Severini among many others. Guggenheim lived up to her personal motto to “buy a picture a day” and amassed an impressive collection of Cubist and Surrealist works of art, as well as sculpture and American Abstract Expressionist art. She gave Pollock his first solo exhibitions, as well as shows to other emerging American artists including William Baziotes, Robert Motherwell, Mark Rothko and Clyfford Still. Ms. Vail, granddaughter of the collector, shares insights on the woman who played an integral role in driving the taste for collecting avant-garde artists and shaping the course of twentieth-century art history. Ms. Vail takes the audience on a journey through Peggy Guggenheim’s background and years in Europe, the beginning of her collection and galleries in London and New York and the establishment of her final home and collection in Venice.   

Monday, March 21, 2022 | 4:30pm | Fred Wilson: An Illuminating Artist for the Twenty-First Century
Fred Wilson

Fred Wilson is renowned for his interdisciplinary practice that challenges assumptions of history, culture, race, and conventions of display. Wilson’s early work was directed at marginalized histories, exploring how models of categorization, collecting, and display exemplify fraught ideologies and power relations inscribed into the fabric of institutions. At the onset of the twenty-first century, Wilson began to place more focus on his object-based work. In this lecture, Fred Wilson discusses the major artworks in his oeuvre, including the glasswork chandelier The Way the Moon is in Love with the Dark from the VBMA’s permanent collection.

Fred Wilson
Photo by Heratch-Ekmekjian

Joe Medeiros

Monday, March 28, 2022 | 4:30pm | The Unthinkable Theft of the Mona Lisa
Joe Medeiros

It is the greatest little-known art theft of all time. With the most unlikely thief. How did he do it? Why did he do it? And why wasn’t he caught by the police? Step back in time to August 21, 1911: the day the Mona Lisa vanished from the Louvre. Follow the bungled investigation that culminated in the painting’s unexpected recovery in Florence, Italy, in 1913 in the hands of Vincenzo Peruggia, a poor, Italian workman who had kept the Mona Lisa to himself for nearly two and a half years. In his talk, Joe Medeiros, a leading expert on the theft of the Mona Lisa, will explore the trajectory of this event and how the news reached global audiences, thus making the Mona Lisa a household name.

*There will be a special film screening of Mona Lisa is Missing on Saturday, March 26 at 2pm. Producer Justine Mestichelli Medeiros and  Writer/Director Joe Medeiros will be on hand for Q&A following the program. Free, no registration required.