May 19

American Experience: New York (1999-2003)

This is a multi-part television series on the history of New York. Ric Burns, a documentary film historian, captures the complex and dynamic city in a sweeping narrative that covers 400 years and 400 square miles.

Each of the 8 episodes is available to stream free with Amazon Prime subscription or to rent on Amazon streaming.

In the VBMA’s collection, O.Winston Link and Richard Estes capture different eras and aspects of New York City.  New York City Skyline (c. 1950s) captures the city’s layers of old and new technological ingenuity, from electric street lights to soaring skyscrapers.  Amsterdam Avenue and 96th Street (1995) is a typical street in New York, with transportation, restaurants, office space and people bustling about their day.

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VBMA Film Studies Coordinator, Diane Thelen

O. Winston Link. New York City Skyline, c. 1950s. Silver gelatin print

Richard Estes. Amsterdam Avenue and 96th Street, 1995. Oil on canvas