May 12

Under the Biltmore Clock (1984)

Based on the short story Myrna Meets His Family by F. Scott Fitzgerald.  In 1915 Chicago, 21-year-old Myra Harper sets her sights on the wealthy and reserved Knowleton Whitney to get him to marry her. All goes well, but later when Myra gets to meet his wacky parents, it turns out to be much harder for Myra than simply landing the man of her dreams.

Available to stream on Amazon and iTunes for a small fee.

In the VBMA’s collection, Jim Liccione’s Winged Clock captures the spirit of the eccentric and dysfunctional characters in the film as they gather and scheme beneath a clock.  The humorous and absurd combination of clock parts into an anthropomorphic form denies any time-telling functionality.

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In addition to streaming on the above mentioned platforms, Under the Biltmore Clock will be available for loan from the DVD film library at the VBMA when the DVD libary reopens. Become a member of the Film Society to check out films.

VBMA Film Studies Coordinator, Diane Thelen

Jim Liccione. Winged Clock, 1998. Forged iron, fresco, inlaid glass and stone