September 8

The Sunshine Boys (1975) Comedy

Lewis and Clark, aka The Sunshine Boys, were famous comedians during the vaudeville era, but off-stage they couldn’t stand each other and haven’t spoken in over 20 years of retirement. Willy Clark’s nephew is the producer of a TV variety show that wants to feature a reunion of this classic duo. It is up to him to try to get the Sunshine Boys back together again.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZADVjV3_W_0

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Image credit: Carlos Mérida, Alegorica de la Danza (Allegory of the Dance), 1976, Serigraph, 31/100, 41 x 34 ½ in, Gift of Peter and Patricia Thompson

The fractured relationship between Lewis and Clark, despite their longstanding connection to music and dance, calls to mind Carlos Mérida Alegorica de la Danza (1976) in the VBMA’s collection. Mérida’s print incorporates the Cubist technique of fragmenting form and displaying objects from multiple angles simultaneously to convey the energy of dancers on a stage. The exuberant movement of shapes across the picture plane recall the energy of the vaudeville acts celebrated in Sunshine Boys and the underlying enthusiasm for performing Lewis and Clark have, despite their surface cantankerousness.

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